Board of Directors / Staff

Board of Directors:

Linda Teeter, Chairperson

Linda KCTA lindaLinda Teeter currently serves as Chair of the KCTA Board.  With the help of the other members of the Board, she builds and maintains the relationships necessary to achieve county-wide public transportation.  Linda has over 25 years of experience in political and community organizing, including 17 as Executive Director of Michigan Citizen Action, a position she continues to hold today.  Linda has also served as a Legislative Aide to former Michigan Representative Mary Brown and is a former Kalamazoo City Commissioner.

Greg Rosine, Vice Chair

Greg Rosine KCTAGreg Rosine is Vice Chair of the KCTA Board.  He has served on the Board since 2007, bringing skills and understanding of public transportation through prior experience as Director of the Michigan Department of Transportation.  Greg is a graduate of Central Michigan University and is currently Vice President of Government Affairs and University Relations for Western Michigan University.  In addition, Greg serves on the Executive Committee and the Budget Review Committee within the KCTA.

Jack Mekemson, Secretary

Jack Mekemson KCTAJack Mekemson began serving on the KCTA Board in 2005. He learned to use and appreciate public transportation in many cities including Chicago, London, and Kalamazoo. He is a graduate of Northern Illinois University and has further career experience with the U.S. Department of Labor, the W.E. Upjohn Institute, and Goodwill Industries.

Jack has served as a member, and chair, of the Chamber of Commerce Transportation Council and the Kalamazoo Metropolitan County Planning Commission. Besides being Secretary for the KCTA Board, Jack also serves on Board Committees that include Executive Committee, Board Development Committee and the Public Transit/Human Services Oversight Committee.

Curtis Aardema

Curtis Aardema KCTACurtis Aardema joined the KCTA Board in September 2012 with the intent of contributing to the overall success of the Kalamazoo Area community with the realization of regional transportation. Originally from the Kalamazoo area, Curtis works in the real estate development field and recognizes the importance regional transportation has towards sustainable economic success of urban communities.

Curtis has served on the Kalamazoo Chamber Transportation Advisory Council, the Kalamazoo Historic Preservation Commission, the Edison Development Group and the Kalamazoo Neighborhood Exchange. He and his wife currently live in Kalamazoo.

Jeffrey Breneman

Jeffrey Breneman KCTAJeffrey Breneman has served on the KCTA Board since 2010.  A resident of Kalamazoo County for nearly 30 years and graduate of Western Michigan University, Jeffrey serves on the Board because he believes the KCTA contributes to the overall quality of life that Kalamazoo Area residents will continue to enjoy into the future.  Jeffrey has worked as a senior aide to Congressman Fred Upton, has been Vice President for Government Affairs at WMU and Director of Government Affairs at Robert Bosch LLC.  He currently works as a federal government policy consultant.

Paul Eckland

Paul Eckland KCTAPaul Eckland has been a KCTA board member since January 2006 and a resident of the Greater Kalamazoo area since 1980.  He has been and continues to be a regular passenger on Metro Transit and Metro County Connect services and works as an advocate for persons with disabilities.

Paul’s experience includes nearly 10 years of experience serving on Boards including Kalamazoo Affordable Housing Partnership (now called the Kalamazoo Continuum of Care ), Homes Coalition, Michigan Disability Housing Workgroup, and the Disability Network-Michigan Public Policy Committee.  He earned a Master’s Degree in Clinical Mental Health from Western Michigan University and had been a Team Building and Leadership Development Trainer for both corporate and non-profit agencies for 19 years.

John Gisler

John Gisler KCTA John Gisler  is the newest member of the KCTA Board, beginning his term in January 2013.  Originally from Indianapolis, he holds degrees in Biology and Chemistry, and an MBA from Syracuse University in Finance.  Formerly a Kalamazoo County Commissioner, Mr. Gisler joined the KCTA Board because he believes that the successful development of a county-wide transportation system is vital to the prosperity of Kalamazoo County and its citizens.

Martin Janssen

Martin Janssen KCTAMartin Janssen became a member of the KCTA Board in September 2012.  A graduate of Plainwell High School, he recently returned to the Kalamazoo area after retiring from a career with the Air Force where he gained expertise in transportation operations and emergency management.  As a Board member, Martin brings an understanding of the inner workings of public transportation and the value it has in meeting the critical needs of a community, particularly in emergency situations.  His service with the KCTA allows him to take part in fulfilling the public transportation needs for people  within our community.

Larry Norwood

Larry Norwood KCTALarry Norwood spent nearly ten years working at the Metro Transit as a Union contract administrator, bus driver and a mechanic. He assumed a vacated board position in 2011 and was recently re-appointed to the KCTA Board in September 2012 because of his belief that the public transit is vital to the economic and social health of Kalamazoo.  Larry is retired from General Motors and has a B.A. in Employment Relations from Michigan State University.  He resides in Kalamazoo Township with his wife, Rosemary.


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Barbara Blissett, Administrative Assistant

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