KCTA Meetings

The KCTA Board holds its business meetings at 5:30 pm on the 2nd and 4th Monday of the month in the Metro Transit Administration Building at 530 N Rose Street.

All meetings will be publicly noticed in accordance with the Michigan Open Meetings Act, unless otherwise noticed.

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2014 KCTA Meeting Schedule

DateType of Meeting AgendaMinutesMeeting Packets/Reports
Jan 13
Regular    icon AGENDA  iconMinutes  
Jan 27 Regular  CANCELED    CANCELED  ----------  
Feb 10 Regular    icon Agenda  icon Minutes       Agenda Packet

Feb 24

Annual    icon Agenda  iconMinutes

 icon Agenda Packet

Mar 10

Regular  CANCELED   CANCELED  -----------  

Mar 24

Regular    icon Agenda  icon Minutes  icon Agenda_Packet

Apr 14

Regular  CANCELED    CANCELED  -----------  

Apr 28

Regular  No Quorum    icon Agenda 


 icon Agenda Packet

May 12

Regular    icon Agenda   icon Minutes  icon Agenda Packet
Jun 9
Regular  CANCELED    CANCELED  -----------  
Jun 23 Regular    icon Agenda  icon Minutes
icon Agenda Packet
July 21 Special    icon Agenda  icon Minutes    icon Agenda Packeticon FY 2013 Metro Audit Pt 1icon FY2013 Metro Audit Pt 2
July 28
Regular  CANCELED    CANCELED  ------------  
Aug 25 Regular    icon Agenda   icon Minutes  icon 2014 Agenda Pkt 8/25
Sept 8



   icon Agenda     icon Agenda Pkt 09/08t  CANCELED
Sept 22 Regular    icon Agenda    icon Agenda Pkt 09/22
Oct 13



   CANCELED  ------------  
Oct 27  Regular    icon Agenda    icon Agenda 10_27 Pt 1  icon Agenda Pkt 10_27 Pt 2
Nov 10  Regular        
Dec 8


2013 KCTA Meeting Schedule

DateType of Meeting AgendaMinutesMeeting Packets/Reports
Jan 14
Regular    iconAgenda  iconMinutes  
Jan 28 Regular    iconAgenda  iconMinutes  
Feb 11 Regular - CANCELLED   CANCELLED ------------  

Feb 25

Annual   icon AGENDA iconMinutes 

 icon February 25th Annual Meeting

Mar 11

Regular   icon Agenda icon Minutes   icon March 11 Meeting Packet

Mar 25

Regular    iconAgenda  icon Minutes   icon March 25 Meeting Packet

Apr 8

Regular - CANCELLED   CANCELLED -------------  

Apr 22

Regular    icon Agenda

icon Minutes 

 icon April 22 Meeting Packet

May 8

Regular   icon Agenda iconMinutes 

icon May 8 Meeting Packet

May 28

Regular    iconAgenda
iconMinutes   icon May 28 Meeting Packet
Jun 10 Regular - CANCELLED    CANCELLED -----------  
Jun 24 Regular    iconAgenda  icon Minutes  icon June 24 Meeting Packet
July 8
Regular    iconAgenda iconMinutes  icon July 8 Meeting Packet
Aug 12 Regular    iconAgenda  icon Minutes

 icon August 12 Meeting_Pkt Pt 1 

iconAugust 12 Meeting Pkt Pt 2

Aug 26 Regular - CANCELLED    CANCELLED -------------  
 Sept 9  Regular    icon Agenda  icon Minutes  icon September 9 Meeting Pkt
Sept 23 Regular    icon Agenda icon Minutes_  icon September 23 Meeting Pkt
Oct 14 Special Meeting KCTA Retreat    icon Agenda icon MInutes  ----------------------------
Oct 28  Regular CANCELLED   icon Notice  -------------  
Nov 11  Regular    icon Agenda icon Minutes 

icon 11 Nov Packet Part 1

 icon 11 Nov Packet Part 2

Nov 25  Regular    icon Agenda  icon Minutes  icon 25 Nov Packet
Dec 9  Regular    icon Agenda  icon Minutes  icon 09 Dec Packet