• 2011-2013 Service Van Ridership Comparison

    blissettb on Feb 27, 2014
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    Here's our Service Van Ridership Report Comparison for 2011-2013 at a 64% increase.icon 2011-2013 Service Van Comparison (149.42 kB)

  • Metro County Connect 2013 Ridership

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    For more information here is the latest icon 2013 MCC Jurisdictional Report (78.39 kB) showing the increases from 2012.

  • Buses now providing service to Pavilion Estates

    earlj on Oct 31, 2013
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    The Kalamazoo County Transportation Authority working with Metro Transit and the Pavilion Estates Community is launching a pilot project to provide bus services to residents at Pavilion Estates to test the feasibility of providing permanent service to the area.

    Pavilion Estates is located approximately two miles off the nearest bus route, Route #27-Romence/Shaver, and accommodating that complex would require several routing changes.  Rather than making those changes to routes initially, it was decided a temporary shuttle service would be provided to help determine if ridership would support the changes.

    On Monday, September 16, the Route #27-Romence Extension service will begin running hourly between Pavilion Estates and Devonshire Apartments where it will provide a direct connection to both Route #27-Romence/Shaver and to Route #2-Portage.

    For route information icon click here for Pavilion Estates Route Information.

    A Metro County Connect bus will leave the clubhouse at Pavilion Estates beginning at 6:32 a.m. Monday through Saturday.  It will connect with the Route #2 and #27 buses at Devonshire at the corner of Meredith and Sprinkle and 42 minutes after each hour.  After leaving Devonshire, the shuttle will arrive back at the Pavilion Estates clubhouse at 52 minutes after each hour with the last trip returning to Pavilion Estates at 8:52 p.m.

    Passengers who ride the shuttle will not be required to pay their fare until they board the connecting bus at Meredith and Sprinkle.

    The program will continue for a minimum of three months until a determination can be made on the success of providing a fixed route service to the area.

  • May 7, 2013 County-wide Millage Election Passes and County-Wide Transit Moves Forward

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    On Tuesday May 7, 2013, residents of Kalamazoo County passed the 0.4 millage. With 93 of 94 precincts reporting, about 72 percent of voters approved the renewal -- 11,711 voters have cast "yes" votes and 4,464 voters have cast "no" votes. To learn more about the election results, read the article from the Kalamazoo Gazette Click here

  • Strides Made on Regionalizing Public Transit

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    Strides Made on Regionalizing Public Transit

    KCTA became operational in 2006, working collaboratively with the City of Kalamazoo, Kalamazoo County, and the Kalamazoo Transportation Authority Board (KTAB) to achieve an integrated, county-wide public transit system.

    • In May of 2010 the Kalamazoo County Transportation Plan was created to guide the regionalization process.
    • In September 2012, direction was given to update the regional public transit plan.
    • In December 2012 the County-Wide Public Transportation System White Paper, was created. 
    • In January 2013, the White Paper was presented to members of the City of Kalamazoo, Kalamazoo County, KTAB, KCTA, and the Kalamazoo Area Transportation Study (KATS). Feedback was received and summarized in the attached County-wide White Paper Feedback.
    • In October 2013, the City of Kalamazoo, Kalamazoo County, KTAB and KCTA endorsed the Regionalization of Public Transit.

    To learn more about the Strides Made in Regionalizing Public Transit in Kalamazoo County click here.

  • Community Service Van Placed in South County

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    The Kalamazoo Metro Transit, in conjunction with the Kalamazoo County Transportation Authority, has placed a community service van in Vicksburg with South County Community Services to further promote public transportation to citizens throughout Kalamazoo County.  

    To learn more about this partnership see the article in the Kalamazoo Gazette. click here

    Since 2005, Metro Transit has been operating the Community Service Van program, a specialized service program sponsored and funded by the Michigan Department of Transportation to allow local agencies to use accessible vans at no cost to the agency.  The vans are mostly used by non-profit and government agencies for transporting elderly and/or individuals with disabilities.  The program currently operates with six accessible vans;  five of which are stored at the Metro Transit facility and one now placed in Vicksburg.  All of the vehicles are ADA accessible and have the capacity of transporting up to six passengers without wheelchairs, or three passengers with one wheelchair. In 2012, the Community Service Van provided 8,970 rides within Kalamazoo County. For more information or to apply for the Community Service Van, please contact Melissa Coulson at 337-8858.

  • KCTA Meetings

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    The KCTA Board holds its business meetings at 5:30 pm on the 2nd and 4th Monday of the month in the Metro Transit Administration Building at 530 N Rose Street.

    All meetings will be publicly noticed in accordance with the Michigan Open Meetings Act, unless otherwise noticed.

    To subscribe to get agenda packets emailed to you, click here.

    2014 KCTA Meeting Schedule

    DateType of Meeting AgendaMinutesMeeting Packets/Reports
    Jan 13
    Regular    icon AGENDA  iconMinutes  
    Jan 27 Regular  CANCELED    CANCELED  ----------  
    Feb 10 Regular    icon Agenda  icon Minutes       Agenda Packet

    Feb 24

    Annual    icon Agenda  iconMinutes

     icon Agenda Packet

    Mar 10

    Regular  CANCELED   CANCELED  -----------  

    Mar 24

    Regular    icon Agenda    icon Agenda_Packet

    Apr 14

    Regular  CANCELED    CANCELED  -----------  

    Apr 28




    May 12

    Jun 9
    Jun 23 Regular        
    July 28
    Aug 25 Regular        
    Sept 8
    Sept 22 Regular        
    Oct 13 Regular        
    Oct 27  Regular        
    Nov 10  Regular        
    Dec 8


    2013 KCTA Meeting Schedule

    DateType of Meeting AgendaMinutesMeeting Packets/Reports
    Jan 14
    Regular    iconAgenda  iconMinutes  
    Jan 28 Regular    iconAgenda  iconMinutes  
    Feb 11 Regular - CANCELLED   CANCELLED ------------  

    Feb 25

    Annual   icon AGENDA iconMinutes 

     icon February 25th Annual Meeting

    Mar 11

    Regular   icon Agenda icon Minutes   icon March 11 Meeting Packet

    Mar 25

    Regular    iconAgenda  icon Minutes   icon March 25 Meeting Packet

    Apr 8

    Regular - CANCELLED   CANCELLED -------------  

    Apr 22

    Regular    icon Agenda

    icon Minutes 

     icon April 22 Meeting Packet

    May 8

    Regular   icon Agenda iconMinutes 

    icon May 8 Meeting Packet

    May 28

    Regular    iconAgenda
    iconMinutes   icon May 28 Meeting Packet
    Jun 10 Regular - CANCELLED    CANCELLED -----------  
    Jun 24 Regular    iconAgenda  icon Minutes  icon June 24 Meeting Packet
    July 8
    Regular    iconAgenda iconMinutes  icon July 8 Meeting Packet
    Aug 12 Regular    iconAgenda  icon Minutes

     icon August 12 Meeting_Pkt Pt 1 

    iconAugust 12 Meeting Pkt Pt 2

    Aug 26 Regular - CANCELLED    CANCELLED -------------  
     Sept 9  Regular    icon Agenda  icon Minutes  icon September 9 Meeting Pkt
    Sept 23 Regular    icon Agenda icon Minutes_  icon September 23 Meeting Pkt
    Oct 14 Special Meeting KCTA Retreat    icon Agenda icon MInutes  ----------------------------
    Oct 28  Regular CANCELLED   icon Notice  -------------  
    Nov 11  Regular    icon Agenda icon Minutes 

    icon 11 Nov Packet Part 1

     icon 11 Nov Packet Part 2

    Nov 25  Regular    icon Agenda  icon Minutes  icon 25 Nov Packet
    Dec 9  Regular    icon Agenda  icon Minutes  icon 09 Dec Packet