Metro County Connect

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Metro County Connect

Metro County Connect is a demand/response, origination-to-destination transportation servcie available to individuals throughout Kalamazoo County.  In 2009, to provide quality seamless service to riders of this system, Care-A-Van and Metro Van were combined into Metro County Connect.  Metro County Connect service is provided by Apple Bus, Inc. through a contract with teh City of Kalamazoo.  The Care-A-Van system was transferred from Kalamazoo County to the City of Kalamazoo in 2005.

The charts below indicates that riders from all parts of the community are utilizing Metro County Connect, and that ridership levels have increased.

Ridership picMCC Total Ridership as of 2012







Ridership levels for Metro County Connect in 2013 can be seen at the municipal/community level in the following chart:


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